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AMX’s management are some of the best people I’ve worked with. You never have to wonder what is going on. They’re always on top of the game.

Billy WoodyDriver Since 1988

I came to AMX after several years at another company. AMX made the move seamless. Now my earnings are up and I get plenty of freight. Things have never been better!

Bonita LewisDriver since 2013

Many times we think that all the companies are the same, with the 18 years that I have in the transportation I can determine after the first month how much headache I will have.
This is what I found in AMX.
My truck is in good condition and without DOT problems.
All permissions updated (and they personally care about it)
They are moving my truck constantly, safe and legal.
The miles I earn depend entirely on me, they may be 24, 28, 30, or more per week.
They do everything possible so that I can be at the doctor’s appointment.
My check is pretty decent, according to my needs and also punctually every time. (and without errors)
My dispatchers, calm, understanding, problem solvers, treat you decently and as a family.
In the terminal I have a building always clean. shower, bathroom, laundry, TV. Mechanics and a workshop. Parking, and truck washing.
Very good benefits and a safety department dedicated to prevention.
I’m nothing special, you can have all this and more.
I’m not inciting you to move for my company, I’m just telling you how you can make an improvement to your life as a truck driver

Rigoberto AcevedoDate 4/8/2018

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