Intentional transportation services with a purpose.

transportation solutions with a purpose.

It all starts with a transparent conversation about your business.

the amx brand

At AMX we believe in being intentional, making deliberate choices to reflect what is most important. It’s simple in theory, tough in execution, hard word to maintain, and highly effective.

Our purpose drives AMX forward, working to improve the lives of our people, business partners, and communities. 

The customers with whom we have the most success have always joined us after one thing: a transparent conversation. 


intentional service with diverse transportation solutions.

35+ years of experience

to help you navigate the freight market

Quality support

with real-time tracking & free consultations

Service with purpose

to make a positive impact in the world

source capacity Now

Transport your business today with our diverse and flexible capacity network spanning our asset division and logistics divisions all under one brand. We will source capacity for you quickly and make the process simple. 

Stop Losing Your Shirt On Shipping

We help you prevent supply chain headaches, support you when things don’t go according to plan, and take proactive steps to protect your bottom line.

Are these headaches killing your profits and making moving products a headache?

Low capacity

Everyone is competing for the same trucks and lanes, driving up prices and delaying deliveries.

Not enough time

The clock is ticking and when products just sit there, production halts, product is lost, revenue is delayed and profits suffer.

Unresponsive carriers

or poor communication handicap the ability to predict, respond and communicate, creating customer issues and increasing overheads.

Impossible decisions

Shippers are forced to make an unfair choice between taking a loss on a given shipment and keeping customers happy to save the relationship.

Protect Your Profits

Coast-to-Coast Capacity

On-Time Pickup

End-to-End Visibility

You deserve answers.
Not excuses.

The technology exists for you to see the exact location of your shipment, so you should never be in the dark. With our electronic logbook software, you have 24/7 access to your shipments.

You’ll receive all the important details – including real-time tracking, new developments, schedules, invoices, and more – at every turn. No shortcuts. No excuses. No surprises.

But, technology can never replace humanity and there are times you just need a lifeline. Easily connect with our logistics experts so you can always have the support you need to do your job. 

Profitability Is Steps Away

AMX has a proven process to eliminate supply chain headaches.

Industries We Serve




Building Materials





AMX Truck Types

Hundreds of owned trucks and a coast-to-coast carrier network means greater capacity, flexibility, and expertise to protect your bottom line.

Dry Van

Available capacity when you need it. Keep goods safe, moving, clean and uncontaminated in high-quality trailer equipment.

Flat Bed

AMX experts will meet your expectations, whether for standard, large, oversized or specialty flatbed shipments of all kinds.


Transport perishable and temperature-sensitive goods in climate-controlled reefer units to ensure optimal product quality and freshness.

Hazardous Materials

Gain access to truckload and temperature-controlled service with extensive experience hauling hazmat shipments that adhere to U.S.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)​

Need to transport a smaller shipment? No problem. Simply choose to share space on a trailer when necessary to reduce costs.

Specialized Shipments

AMX will find transport for any time of shipment you have. Whether it’s a one-time haull or dedicated run, your dedicated account manager knows.

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About AMX

We operate across 4 strategic divisions: Trucking, Logistics, Drayage, and Academy. Through hustle, innovation, and decades of experience, AMX helps domestic shippers prevent unnecessary headaches, and supports the entire supply chain by putting more, well-trained drivers on the road. Take proactive steps to protect your bottom line with the AMX brand.

We transport your business with purpose and work with intention. It all starts with a transparent conversation.