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Truck Drivers Trust AMX

At AMX, truck drivers are a priority, and our greatest asset. You’ll be treated with respect, fair pay, and a safer driving experience. 

Working to Keep Truck Drivers Safe

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AMX driver inspection

Our drivers are the backbone of our company and we take pride in each driver and all our equipment. We enjoy giving back to our drivers and will greet you with a smiling face and kind word at each interaction. You are family.

We protect our family, so safety comes first. Enjoy the best, most advanced truck technology and equipment. Gain confidence with consistent, thorough pre-drive inspections. Learn directly from proven, experienced truck drivers and mentors. Receive best-in-class orientation, ongoing training and support.

interested in our owner-operator program?

Put your career in cruise control with our owner-operator dry van program. Enjoy the benefits of joining the AMX family while utilizing your own equipment.

More than 150 truck drivers have worked at AMX for five years or more.

Clean, Sanitized and Quality Cabs

All trucks are completely, cleaned, detailed, and sanitized for each new driver. You won’t be moving into someone else’s mess. Our team knows that your truck is your home on the road, and you deserve a clean, sanitized, fresh smelling truck to call your own. We want the driver’s experience to be like no other trucking company.

Know A Driver?

AMX wants to hire today for drivers across dry van, flat bed, reefer, HAZMAT, LTL and specialized shipments.

Connect With Confidence

AMX isn’t only a hub for moving shipments; we’re a home for our team. We believe in a people-first approach, and to that end, you’ll find an open door when you return from the open road.

AMX fleet managers know more than your truck number or usual route — they know your name. You’ll find a team ready to listen and learn about what you need to succeed.

You’ll work together with AMX leader to solve even the most complex situations. We believe that our value comes from our people, including our drivers.

Feel free to speak your mind. Share your concerns. Offer suggestions.

It’s this collaboration that makes driving easier, better and more profitable.

Driver Testimonial

Women Who Drive

Women are continuously reshaping traditions and breaking into new workforces, including trucking. As of 2023, women made up 12.1% of the nation’s professional truck drivers, but AMX is leading a charge well beyond the national average.

AMX has one of the industry’s most diverse fleet rosters, with women comprising more than 12% of our current drivers.

AMX supports Women in Trucking, a non-profit organization that encourages employing women in the trucking and working to minimize obstacles for women in the industry.

Balance Work and Home

You’re more than a truck driver. You’re also a person who wants to enjoy life both on and off the road. 

AMX offers incredible flexibility to give you more time at home with family and friends. 

Find balance between long-hauls and milk runs. Let our team work with you to find the best work-life balance without sacrificing quality of either. 

Join a dedicated trucking company with 35+ years of experience valuing who you are more than what you can do.

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