join the amx parade army

What is Parade?

Parade is the freight capacity management platform we offer to help us and you – our partner carriers- with freight matching. We can easily manage your carrier profile and share options with you. It’s all about staying connected.

share your capacity

If you have recurring or diverse capacity, you might be a good fit for some of our dedicated lanes. You tell us where your trucks are, where they want to go, and your AMX rep will continuously find you options to keep your trucks moving all part of joining the AMX Parade Army.

Join Parade

Request access to join.

Set Up Parade Profile

Once the invite for setup hits your inbox, you can set up your profile with lane preferences and recurring trucks.

Send in your trucklist.

Email your current available capacity. Your capacity is extracted from those emails and uploaded into the system. You can manually enter trucks at any time as well.

You’re in! Get ready to have load options sent to your inbox.

what does parade do for carriers?

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