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The Trucking Industry Is Changing

The days of manual logs and long hours on the road are now made more enjoyable with technology and a company that truly cares about your whole mental and physical health.

Are you looking for a lucrative truck driving job in Alabama? Are you ready to see the countryside across the contiguous states, and are you ready to be part of the winning team?

If so, it’s time to get behind the wheel with AMX trucking and benefit from a legacy of trust, respect and a commitment to balancing work on the road and life at home.

I come from a family of truck drivers. I’ve learned that if you can’t work at AMX, you can’t work anywhere. The people at AMX are accommodating, honest and help keep truckers stay safe on the road.
- Randy
AMX Truck Driver

Women Who Drive

Women are continuously reshaping traditions and breaking into new workforces, including trucking. As of 2020, women made up 7.8% of the nation’s professional truck drivers, but AMX is leading a charge well beyond this national average.

AMX has one of the industry’s most diverse fleet rosters, with women comprising more than 15% of our current drivers — more than 2x the national average.


AMX supports Women in Trucking, a non-profit organization that encourages employing women in the trucking and working to minimize obstacles for women in the industry.