Refer a Truck Driver

You want what’s best for your friends and family. AMX is a preferred place for drivers looking for consistent, honest work throughout Alabama and the Southeastern/Northeastern U.S.

Choosing The Right Trucking Company

Truck drivers are in high demand. As a result, the best drivers have their pick of the best companies to work for. Find out what makes an experienced, trusted company with advanced technology, AMX, a great place to work for today’s modern driver.
AMX knows what it’s like for drivers both on the road and at home. That’s why I know they’ll give me everything I need to make it work.
- John
AMX Truck Driver

Finding the Right Truck Driver

AMX wants to maintain the most reliable, professional fleet among dedicated fleet carriers. That’s why we’re searching for responsible truck drivers who seek freedom, fair pay, and greater flexibility with our people-first approach to management.

Local Trucking. Loyal Drivers.

Family owned and operated in Ashford, Alabama, with hundreds of tractors and trailers in its fleet, AMX gives local drivers of all kinds everything they need to make their professional journey successful.