8 Reasons to Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1600359421574{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]They’re easy to overlook — even though we see them every day. To celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re honoring truck drivers with the top 8 reasons why they should be appreciated.

1. They go the extra mile — even amid a pandemic.
For months, while the rest of us lived in uncertainty, our nation’s truck drivers never wavered or slowed down. Despite stricter restrictions, new procedures and even fewer available restaurants, restrooms and rest stops, they just keep on trucking.

2. They’re essential for our everyday lives.
We can’t live without our nation’s truck drivers. As the key cog in our nation’s supply chain, they transport all the food, goods, water and medicine we need to survive. As we switch from crisis to recovery, we’ll follow the lead of our nation’s truck drivers.

3. They sacrifice.
Whether it’s a hug from a child, or dinner with a spouse, or even a solid night’s sleep at home in bed, truck drivers on the road miss out on many activities the rest of us may take for granted.

4. They’re driving diversity.
Speak to 100 truck drivers, and you’ll get 100 unique tales about their path into the trucking industry. We’re a diverse group. And finally, we’re seeing it show up in the numbers. More female truck drivers are on the road, up 68% in the past decade. Minorities comprise more than 40% of current truck drivers, jumping about 14% in the past five years.

5. They’re safe.
Truck drivers take every precaution to keep themselves — and other motorists — safe on the road. That’s why they undergo extensive training, testing and licensing before they get behind the wheel. In addition, trucking firms continue to outfit rigs with new technologies to improve safety and track performance. For example, AMX installed new outward-facing cameras on long-haul trucks, so trainers can assess and coach truck drivers to be safer, more responsible drivers. It works. There are many stories of truck drivers with one million (and any more) miles without a single accident.

6. They’re not afraid of rain, sleet, tropical storms, wildfires, et al.
Natural disasters are part of the inherent dangers living in certain areas of the country. When they inevitably occur, residents worry about supplies and essential goods. Every time, our nation’s truck drivers are on their way offering support and supplies as quickly as possible. Today’s forecasting and weather tracking technologies enable companies to adjust schedules to get ahead of inclement weather or unfavorable situations.

7. They’re helpful.
Truck drivers look out for one another, often warning each about impending problems on the road or flashing their lights when it’s safe to pass. But their assistance isn’t limited to other drivers. The Goodyear Highway Hero Award has recognized helpful truck drivers for nearly four decades.

8. They’re smart
Nobody knows the intricate details of driving an 18-wheeler more than those who’ve spent hundreds of thousands of miles (or millions) behind the wheel. That’s why AMX conducts an annual driver conference and includes truck drivers in every safety meeting. “The best tips, the smartest ideas always come from our drivers,” said Collins White, president, AMX Logistics.

Show your support

The past few months have been hard on everybody, including our nation’s truck drivers. As we work toward recovery, it’s important to offer appreciation to those who helped us get this far.

The next time you see a long haul truck driver, give them a head nod or fist bump or even a signature arm pump to let them know you’re thankful for what they do, mile after mile, day after day. They’ll appreciate it.

THANK YOU TRUCK DRIVERS![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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