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Ashford, AL, December 13, 2018Alabama Motor Express has reached an exciting milestone with the company celebrating 30 years as an Alabama-based trucking and logistics company. Family owned and operated, AMX has grown to be 300 employees, 250 trucks and 600 trailers. Over the last 30 years, the company has logged over 20 million miles and delivered more than two million shipments.

This anniversary is important to the company’s employees who look for stability in an employer, to the customers who look for dependability in service and to the carriers who seek growing opportunities with a 3PL who specializes in truckload services across the United States. To commemorate and celebrate this success, AMX is completing 30 acts of kindness for their employees, community and industry.

“We’re a company that cares about our community and the future of the trucking industry,” said Scott White, President and CEO at AMX. “Performing these 30 acts of random kindness is our way of giving back to our community and doing something good.”

One act of kindness is donating 16 Women in Trucking Association memberships to their female employees. This act continues AMX’s effort to help solve the driver shortage issue and support female truck drivers.

“Our mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles,” said Ellen Voie, President and CEO at Women in Trucking Association. “We are thrilled to see a trucking company like AMX not only support these women, but to generously donate to their driver’s professional growth.”


  • (1-16) Donates 16 Women in Trucking Association memberships to female employees to support female truck drivers.
  • (17) Donated $7,500 dollars towards the Alabama Trucking Association Foundation to provide scholarships for diesel mechanic schools.
  • (18) Joined the Truckload Carries Association and nominated their first Company Driver of the Year, Ruben Daniels, for his more than 20-year experience as a safe, loyal and courteous truck driver at AMX.
  • (19) Raised the wage for truck drivers by 5-10% based on experience and performance of the driver.
  • (20) Implemented a compensation bonus based on safety, loyalty and performance.
  • (21) Provided a new financial wellness program, Smart Dollar, as a commitment to employee’s financial wellness.
  • (22) Invested in a new driver lounge as a place for drivers to relax before a long trip, emphasizing the company’s commitment to employees.
  • (23) Built a new corporate meeting room to empower the AMX team to better perform trucking and logistics operations for customers.


  • Dedicates time and resources to The Harbor, a local homeless shelter located in Dothan, Alabama.
    • (24) AMX leaders volunteered over 50 hours at the shelter, emphasizing the importance of leadership participation.
    • (25) Regularly donates extra food pallets to the shelter, with the goal of donating a truckload of food once per month to consistently give back to the community.
    • (26) Participates in a mentorship program, offering available positions to those at the shelter looking for work.
    • (27) Donates components and parts to help create new amenities at the shelter.
  • (28) Participates in the Dothan Rotary as a way to get involved in serving the community.
  • (29) Donated to the SAFE Shelter Center for Domestic Violence Services located in Savannah, Georgia, in addition to sponsoring families over the Christmas holiday.
  • (30) AMX leadership participates in the Alabama Leadership Initiative, a program for emerging leaders to connect with statewide experts and address the issues impacting Alabama.

“These acts exemplify our commitment as a future leader in the transportation marketplace to deliver value and impact our economy in a positive way,” Collins White, President of Logistics at AMX.

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