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5 Benefits that a Reputable 3PL Partner Provides

Good news! Your shipment arrived. But how much stress did it cause? How many restless moments? Most importantly, do you have confidence in your 3PL partner to give you a better customer experience the next time?

Even though pricing continues to drive many decisions, some shippers have realized the value of customer service for when disruptions inevitably surface in an unpredictable market.

Like many shippers, you probably use multiple 3PL partners, and can share a wide range of customer service experiences. Now is not the time to compromise on your expectations. Choose the partner most capable of meeting your needs. Usually, the 3PL provider will be able to provide five specific advantages, including:

  1. Fast, proactive service.
    There will be problems. There are always problems. Fortunately, smart and savvy logisticians can help you avoid many of them. When there are unavoidable delays or capacity issues, a 3PL provider should be transparent in sharing key details with you. The more information you have, and the more time you have to digest it — the more informed you are when seeking resolutions.
  2. Full-service.
    Few industries have more moving parts than ours. Each one is critically important — and should be treated as such. Good customer service should be felt by every part of your organization, from the back office to the sales teams to the truck drivers to the loading and receiving crews.
  3. Single-source contact.
    The fastest way to get answers is to go directly to the source. So, it’s no surprise that 72% of consumers considered having to explain their problem to multiple people as poor customer service. Look for 3PL partners that provide a single dedicated, knowledgeable point of contact. You’ll have direct access to a person you trust. Plus, they’re educated on your business, which expedites problem-solving when every second counts.
  4. Advanced technology.
    Look for 3PL partners who use cutting-edge technology to simplify everyday transportation tasks, whether it’s for easy, real-time tracking, faster, more accurate quotes or impressive predictive analytics. Be wary, however, of providers who mask their lack of industry knowledge with fancy gadgets. The best 3PL providers have smart, savvy teams who use advanced technology. After all, our industry is full of great ideas. Technology simply helps us put them into practice.
  5. Performance metrics.
    Nearly two-thirds (63%) of companies do not use any technology to monitor supply chain performance. So it’s no surprise that 57% of respondents in another study claim that they can’t measure the impact of disruptions. Technology can help justify decisions and qualify results. Reviews can help to do the same. A reputable 3PL partner will conduct annual, quarterly, monthly or even daily reviews with you to ensure your needs are met. Other benchmarks, including carrier scorecards and pick-and-deliver percentages, can be used regularly to monitor everyday performance.

Choose what’s best for you

You’re in control. So choose the 3PL partner that meets your unique criteria. But all 3PL providers have certain responsibilities to their customers. The best ones work to understand your business, so they know your goals — and can begin crafting customized solutions to help you reach them. And it begins by offering the five basic advantages outlined above.

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