Driver Benefits

Reliable Miles

You’re ready to get on the road. You’re ready to be paid. AMX works to ensure you get the miles you’ve earned, usually between 2,800 – 3,000 miles per week.

Competitive Pay

Receive competitive pay weekly for your hard work, including layover pay, loading and unloading pay, reimbursement for tolls and scales and paid driver assist pay. We’re also rolling out hourly pay in some areas.

Trucking Expertise

Be ready for the road ahead. Gain confidence with an experienced trucking company that knows exactly how to avoid problems and overcome challenges, using technology to improve collaboration and profitability.


Get out of the seat and on with your life. AMX works closely with every driver to ensure they have ample free time to enjoy life at home with friends and family.


Things happen. Priorities change. Join a trucking company that can accommodate life’s bumps along the way, including shifting routes, changing your usual haul schedule and more.


Join a company built on following through on its promises to shippers, their customers and our trucking workforce.


You’re more important than any type of freight. That’s why we take every precaution, from pre-inspection to routine maintenance, including the use of onboard technological tools, to keep you safe.


Brand-new equipment, including APU, power inverters, refrigerators, Bluetooth and more, come standard in most trucks to enhance your ride.


Rest easy that AMX will cover your whole health with medical, dental and vision insurance. AMX also offers company-paid life insurance; short- and long-term disability insurance; and even supplemental cancer and intensive care insurance.


Take advantage of our company-matching investment program so that when you’ve had your fill of the open road, you can enjoy retirement in peace and with enough funds to go wherever your next journey takes you.​

More than 150 truck drivers have worked at AMX for five years or more.

You’re in demand as a hard-working and responsible professional truck driver.

There’s no reason to settle for anything less than you deserve. Alabama Motor Express knows the value of a loyal, trustworthy truck driver — and will go the extra mile to prove it with a wide range of truck driver benefits.