Driver Qualifications


You know your job. You know how to get it done on time, every time, while presenting yourself well to customers.


It’s a two-way street. AMX will work with you to share important information and meet your needs. And we expect the same from you — whether working with the home office or the most remote customer.


Stick around, kick the tires a bit. AMX believes that rewarding its smartest, best drivers pays off for everybody.


AMX gives you its word that it has your back. And we expect the same level of trust from our drivers. Stand by your words with conviction — and action.


You’ve completed all licensing and safety requirements. And you’re attentive and responsible on the road because you know the value of freight that arrives safely and securely.


You know how important customer relationships are. Deliver on our promise to meet every deadline, every customer need, every time.

Team Player

You realize the strength of numbers — and unity. AMX wants you to feel welcome, respected and trusted as a valued member of the team.

AMX knows what it’s like for drivers both on the road and at home. That’s why I know they’ll give me everything I need to make it work.
- AMX Driver

Is a truck driving career with AMX right for you?

Truck drivers are in high demand. As a result, the best drivers have their pick of the best companies to work for. Find out what makes an experienced, trusted company with advanced technology like AMX a great place to work for today’s modern driver.