Driver Tip: Use Load Boards Plus Brokers to Get More Loads

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Carriers have a lot to keep track of when finding dedicated loads available for bids. Partnering with load brokers for truck drivers can make it easier to find loads and keep trucks full. 

Drivers are best prepared to handle fluctuating market trends and demands when they can access the most cohesive view of shipping information on time. According to TruckStop.com, “it’s no secret: shipping is the foundation of our country. Nearly every sector of our economy depends on the movement of goods from point A to B (and C, and D…). According to The American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry generated $796.7 billion in revenue in 2018.” And those figures have only continued to increase as the demand for quality drivers increases as well. 

Understanding the answer to the questions, “how do truck drivers get loads?” and “how can they get the best loads and the best rates?” is critical for optimizing the supply chain trucking network.

Using Load Boards Helps Drivers Review More Loads

One of the biggest obstacles drivers face is finding beneficial partnerships with shippers trying to find drivers looking for loads and keep their trucks fuller for longer. Even in the face of ongoing supply chain bottlenecks and disruption, drivers can succeed with the right tools and partnerships. 

The relationship between shippers and drivers must be mutually beneficial to be successful in both the short and long terms. Using load boards makes it easier for this connection to occur and can help both parties foster strong contractual relationships and partnerships with each other. Taking advantage of digital load boards allows drivers to access, review, bid on, and review more loads in a streamlined process that makes it easier to maintain full truckloads regularly. 

Why Drivers That Work With Brokers Also Have Less Stress

Load brokers for truck drivers can make the process of securing profitable loads much simpler and more manageable. Load procurement is less stressful with a dedicated and professional team on board, especially for independent truck drivers looking for loads that secure profitable rate offers. Letting professional brokers hand the leg work of finding loads and sifting through bid responses offers frees up drivers to focus on the more essential processes. Some of the most commonly used load boards and brokerage solutions used today include the following:

  • ComFreight
  • newtrul
  • Truckstop
  • DAT
  • Trucker Path
  • 123Loadboard

In addition to using these and similar load boards, brokerage partnerships can also prove beneficial for drivers. Brokers have access to the best load boards and platforms, as well as the best pre-vetted carriers for driver-varied and often complicated needs. With professional brokerage assistance, the process is much simpler and more streamlined.

Additional Benefits of Using Both Load boards and Brokerage Partnerships to Find High-Quality Loads

With expert insight and assistance for finding loads for truck drivers, there are many benefits drivers can enjoy, including::

  • On-demand access to available loads.
  • Real-time updates on bid status and acceptance.
  • Ability to coordinate with multiple shippers.
  • Access to specialized and high-paying loads.
  • Reliable insight into current trends and rates.
  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness to bids and contracts.
  • Proactive load suggestions and recommendations.
  • Near-instant bid acceptance and booking.
  • No more cumbersome and time-consuming work.
  • Partnerships are easier to set up and maintain.

A freight broker brings increased value and flexibility to any supply chain driver network. Accessing and utilizing digital freight load boards opens up more opportunities for load access across all industry markets. This can become a driver’s greatest competitive advantage by embracing modern technology and innovation. 

Focusing energy on what drivers do best gives them the upper hand in tight markets and allows drivers to streamline day-to-day processes and secure more loads.

Get Onboard With AMX Logistics to Start Finding and Getting More Loads Now.

Partnering with industry experts can open the door to faster and easier load procurement across many standard and niche markets. By tapping into the many benefits of utilizing load brokers for truck drivers, it can become much easier to secure profitable loads and keep trucks at maximum capacity. Contact AMX Logistics today for information regarding how the many benefits of digital load boards for truck drivers can help your fleet!

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