How Public KPIs and Real-Time Feedback Loops Drive Modern 3PLs

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Want a surefire strategy that will inspire brokers and drive your bottom-line? Follow this four-step playbook and read 3 case studies from Ambition.

Sales is a brutal roller coaster – and 3PL brokers are no exception. Sometimes, the loads are flying off the screen. Sometimes, you’re struggling to get people just to answer the phone.



As a 3PL Manager, it’s important to understand how to keep your brokers focused, motivated, and upbeat through the highs and the lows.

How to Motivate Brokers: Public, Real-Time KPIs

The secrets to success: public KPIs and real-time feedback loops. Follow this four-step playbook:

  • Sync your TMS and CRM.
  • Track your top KPIs.
  • Run Team SPIFs and contests.
  • Broadcast on Office TVs.

Public, real-time KPIs are the foundation of great 3PL culture. there are simple, proven strategies and tactics that 3PL leaders can take to launch their sales culture and coaching to the next level.

Case Study #1. AMX Logistics

Since 2014, AMX has used Ambition’s sales gamification software to keep people, processes, and platforms on the same page. Jared Moore credits transparent KPIs, automatic recognition, and unified reporting from Salesforce, HubSpot, and McLeod as the top growth-drivers at AMX for 4 years running.

Data Systems: Salesforce, HubSpot, McLeod.

Results: 10X annual revenue growth since 2014..

Watch the Presentation: How Jared Moore Drives Growth at AMX Logistics.

Case Study #2 Kenco Group

Kenco Sr. Manager of Analytics and Solutions Design Andrew Lockwood has written the most compelling 3PL use case for sales gamification software – geared towards enhancing broker KPI visibility and automating positive reinforcement for Kenco reps.

The results are undeniable. Record-breaking margin numbers during peak offseason don’t just happen – especially in mature enterprise 3PLs like Kenco. “Addicting” is the word Andrew uses to describe his reps’ responses to public KPI tracking and real-time recognition for achievement.

He credits Ambition Anthems – handpicked YouTube clips that play automatically in Office TVs in the Kenco Bullpen – as a next-level engagement driver that helped Kenco achieve 100% return-on-investment in Ambition in just 2 months.

Data Systems: Salesforce and MercuryGate.

Results: 45% lift in bottom-line margin.

Full Case Study: Proven Returns with Gamification.

Case Study #3 Fitzmark

Fitzmark VP Strategy and Execution Trent Roberts joined Fitzmark in Fall 2016. His first task: unify data from 3 systems – 3CX, Salesforce, and a legacy TMS – inside of Ambition.

Unlocking data silos suddenly gave Fitzmark’s various front office teams – business development, brokers, and operations – their first 360° visualizations of the processes, goals, and activities that mattered most. The company immediately increased 2017 margins by 3%. No small feat for a company coming off back-to-back Inc. 5000 lists.

Roberts maintains that KPI visibility was the initial step to growth – but using Ambition’s powerful competition builders, Anthems, and TVs has achieved something way more powerful – a simple, repeatable framework for creating compelling performance insights and keeping reps focused, engaged, and bought-in to Fitzmark’s company vision and mission.

Take a look at this March Madness sales contest – and you’ll see what we mean.



Data Systems: Salesforce. 3CX. Legacy TMS.

Results: 3% margin growth. Back-to-Back Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Co.

Full Case Study: Walkthrough.

The 2018 Mission for 3PLs: Kill Your Silos. Crush Your Quota.

Unmotivated reps are the worst nightmare of a sales organization. They stop buying into your process. They stop doing the little things that help close deals – sending follow-up emails, asking for client referrals, and so forth.

Follow the lead of great companies like Kenco, Fitzmark, and AMX. Kill your data silos, put KPIs front-and-center, make your sales bullpen a fun place to work. And if you need help syncing your TMS and CRM systems, contact Ambition. Our sales gamification software specializes in multiple integrations – schedule your free Ambition demo to consult with our 3PL experts.

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