How to Lose a Customer in 10 Ways

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Finding a new customer takes a lot of work, and keeping a customer can take a lot of effort too. But, losing a customer is often times something that happens because you failed to do a few simple things.  And in today’s competitive market, customers don’t wait around for months hoping you will make things work… its usually just a matter of days. image-4.png

Losing a customer can happen fast, and many times the problems could’ve been avoided or mitigated early on.

But here are some sure-fire ways to lose a customers in 10 ways:

  • Time’s up!
    • Customers need answers and orders fulfilled quickly.  In the logistics industry, those requests are often made multiple times per day and they require a fast-twitch response time!
  • Crap Attack –
    • For logistics companies, that means missing pickups and deliveries. Customers keep new carriers on a short leash. If you miss the first load (or more than one), then you are asking for a fast dismissal.
  • Honor Roll –
    • If you give a rate, you better be able to honor it and provide the service. If that turns out to be a non-profitable situation, you still need to honor the commitment you made. Changing pricing or failing because of bad pricing is only your fault!
  • Take your medicine! –
    • ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’  Customers can pick up on the email tone in tense situations, make sure you try to deal with bad news or conflict in person or over the phone. When email is a must, make sure your tone is apologetic and make sure you are available for the chewing out, if necessary.
  • Bye Felicia! –
    • Losing your own employees or turnover within your customers’ personnel always opens up the door for a new vendor to make a better relationship.  Its also a time for YOU to jump in and take over business from the other slackers, use this as an advantage, don’t squander it!
  • Bad Rap –
    • Customers talk, don’t think there is “always the next customer”…. eventually your reputation with catch up to you and you will lose business.  And like a credit score, this isn’t easy to rebuild once its tarnished.
  • Are you a ?
    • Be EASY to reach. Customers don’t need a labyrinth phone system to navigate or a CSR that never seems to be at their desk. Figure out the best point of contact for a particular customer and hold them accountable to taking care of their orders!
  • Save the drama fo yo mama!
    • In the logistics world, customers often pay a premium on premium service that is consistent and drama-free! Companies that have constant issues in transit, claims, bad equipment and drivers that don’t represent their company in a positive light can really turn off a customer.
    • Customers want you to say thank you. Maybe the business deal is truly a partnership, but respecting their decision to pick you over other options (even if you are the best choice) goes a long way. A smile can be heard through the phone lines or in emails, saying thank you is just as important!
  • Only animal sloths are cute
    • THE worst trait of any CSR or sales person is laziness.  You could probably pull a little out of each trait above to create a “lazy persona”.  Laziness is just the unwillingness to do the job correctly from the start and to finish out the order properly!  GET. IT. DONE.

Getting new customers takes time, coaxing and sometimes even begging!  Don’t waste all that effort!

Don’t lose a customer in 10 days!

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