My carrier packets.com

What is it?

Getting set up with AMX is hassle-free with MCP which offers online onboarding for motor carriers. Because MCP integrates with our internal software, you can ensure your profile is added quickly and updated easily.

No more manual data entry and a lot more time spent moving your business forward.

Getting setup

Invite Sent

Your rep will push out an invite to you from MCP via email to complete the setup process.

E-Packet Form

Fill out the packet and upload your documents all online with easy click-through questions.

Carrier Profile Created

You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that the packet is complete. You are now in our system.

Why did we choose mcp for onboarding?


Carriers have the ability to upload and fill out carrier packets online saving time (and paper).

fraud protection

Each time a carrier is onboarded with MCP, the FMCSA is notified + MCP flags carriers that been reported. Emails that are not verified are vetted by the MCP team to prevent identify theft.

customized onboarding

Not all carriers make the cut, and AMX can narrow down and ween out carriers that don't meet our standards easily with MCP customized onboarding. We can pick and choose onboarding questions and set parameters for safety, ratings, and years in service.

everyone loves mcp

Our employees like that there is less manual data entry (and less errors). Our partners in our carrier network like that it's easy to upload and update their carrier profiles in our system. Everyone wins.