Quality Reefer Trucking for Perishables

At AMX, truck drivers are a priority, and our greatest asset. You’ll be treated with respect, fair pay and a safer driving experience. 

Temperature-Sensitive or Refrigerated “Reefer” Freight Expertise at AMX

Not everything can go by dry van, and even some non-edible goods require temperature-controls, such as health and beauty products or pharmaceuticals.

Our fleet of food-grade reefer trailers is ready on demand and can help your goods stay viable and safe regardless of the transit distance.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Part of the challenge of reefer shipping comes from the strict chain of custody requirements and temperature monitoring required for these goods. Failure to maintain this chain of custody and records may lead to loss, spoilage and even illness.

AMX understands the importance of around-the-clock monitoring for refrigerated goods, and our team will go the extra mile to help you track your ETA, equipment handling needs and more to avoid any additional risks.

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