thankful for truck drivers

This Thanksgiving, while you’re off running around in a panic trying to fry a turkey for the first time or maybe trying your hand at making your own pie crust, truck drivers are behind the wheel. They’ve been behind the wheel. What does Thanksgiving mean for trucking?

  • 16,000 truckloads of turkey and 20% surge in overall shipments 
  • More people on the road: 54 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles over the long weekend
  • More demand (and more people on the road): The number of Americans shopping this Black Friday is estimated to go up 98% from pre-pandemic


Holidays mean higher demand for products. Trucks provide the means of transport from raw materials to final product and final product to stores. All so we can starve ourselves all day before consuming a large amount of food at one time. 

It’s not just about the food. It’s about the time spent with family – cooking, eating, drinking, watching TV until you doze off in a food coma. Truck drivers are likely away from their loved ones. Many are happy just to hop on FaceTime to see a glimpse of the festivities. 

If this has you feeling bad about that extra serving of mac-and-cheese, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. So, how can you show your thanks?

5 ways to thank a trucker

Let’s go through some things you can do to show drivers just how thankful you are for them this holiday:

truck stop

#1 On the road…

Respect the space cushion. You can make a difference in the day of each driver if you provide more space and patience on the road. We can see more congestion on the road from holiday travelers, shoppers, and surge in truckload shipments. This can increase stress for all drivers on the road, but especially truck drivers – who might have to do 90-degree alley dock backing in the middle of holiday traffic or who might be struggling to find a new route to avoid parades.

Move over. If you see a truck on the side of the road or trying to pull over, make sure you move over and pass by at a low speed. 

Don’t speed. Speeding is dangerous all year, but especially around the holidays where we all face increased congestion and shorter tempers. Think twice before you zoom around on the highway, especially around larger transport trucks who have less visibility.


#2 Thank drivers directly…

Say thank you. Chances are you will run into a truck driver in public spaces like truck stops, rest areas, or fueling stations during your holiday travel. Driving can be isolating. Drivers spend a lot of time on the road, off their phones, away from family. You never know if you end up being the only person they speak to that day. Talking to a stranger might seem unappealing to you, but going out of your way to say thank you in person makes a difference. 

Send a thank you card. You can simply google trucking companies in your area and send in a thank you card. Your card will be given to a truck driver or placed in the driver break room for all drivers to view. Trust us when we say that drivers read these. 


#3 Provide essentials…

Buy them a meal. Those Thanksgiving leftovers shouldn’t go to waste. If you don’t find yourself in a position to pay for a driver’s meal or buy them a cup of coffee in person, there are organizations out there to help. Meals for 18 Wheels is a group that can help. This organization helps bring the comfort of home to a driver’s truck by providing a warm, home cooked meal to a driver in need. Visit their page by clicking here

Give them a gift card. Essentials go beyond meals so providing a gift card to a major retailer would help them with purchasing hygiene products they need to maintain life on the road. Make sure you provide them a gift card to a retailer that is found everywhere since they may be in a different state day to day. 


#4 Sacrifice your time…

Let them go first. Drivers can’t just go shopping whenever they need to. They have to plan ahead. They have to schedule time for laundry and shopping around their clock and breaks. Stepping aside and letting them take your spot in line can go a long way. It could mean they make the delivery on time or they finally have time to stop for a shower or hot meal – you never know.


#5 If you want to go the extra mile…

Take to social media. Share your appreciation in a post on social media with #thankatrucker. Reviews aren’t just for restaurants, movies, or hotels – write a review for the trucking company. Mention the driver’s name if you can and where you spotted them. Tag them in a photo.