What Is a Hybrid Freight Broker Business Plan?

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The business of freight is continuing to evolve. What once was only done continentally by wagon and then train now often sees multiple modes of transport. With the evolution of travel, methods develop the logistics required to complete each delivery. As populations expanded and dispersed across the nation alongside the new forms of transport, brokers came into play to solve the communication disconnect between shippers and carriers. In recent years, technological advances have both eased and widened the jobs of freight brokers, and out of that constantly growing work came a new freight broker business plan: the hybrid broker.

What Is a Hybrid Broker?

Amidst the various freight brokerage business, structures arrived at the concept of a hybrid broker. A hybrid broker relies on technology to intertwine non-asset and asset-based business models. These supply chain champions maintain their fleet within a localized area, who also are 3PL providers with wide-reaching networks. 

In practice, this gives a digital freight broker the ability to solve its capacity needs starting within the region of their available trucks. Or consequently, on the other hand, a truck driver broker can source their loads as necessary. This freight broker business plan maximizes the opportunity to produce a steady, reliable service that is the basis for robust brand loyalty.

Freight Brokers Are Vital for Continued Growth and Recovery in the Modern Supply Chain

CNBC recently underscored the need for a flexible freight broker business plan by reporting, “Production shortfalls are behind 75% of the current contraction in global trade volume, while logistic bottlenecks are the cause of the remaining 25%.” Although many consider the current conditions as a carrier’s market, the pendulum may swing amidst potential easing pressure in the second half of 2022. 

In some light, this provides hope to catch up from the supply chain trucking slow down finally; on the other hand, a sudden influx of available capacity could radically change the playing field. The freight broker business plan aids shippers and carriers alike to leverage knowledge and business relationships to match transactions amidst all industry curveballs.

How a Hybrid Freight Broker Business Plan Helps Improve Capacity Procurement Transparency 

Despite hope for shippers in the future, today’s capacity shortage is still very present. Shippers need freight brokers to step in and find efficient, affordable options to get their freight to its destination. A hybrid freight brokerage business enables digitally-driven capacity procurement by automating parts of the process that can assign and incorporate trucks from within the business’s fleet into the delivery schedule. By combining brokerage technology with an available fleet, hybrid freight brokers can be more initiative-taking at solving shipper problems from the time of RFQ submission.

Other Benefits of Implementing a Personalized Broker Plan for Freight Shipping 

The increased capacity availability is just the beginning for shippers who leverage a hybrid freight broker business plan. Other benefits include:

    • Increased Profits.
    • Better Staff Utilization.
    • Faster Growth.
    • More Transport Services.
  • Maximized Technology Use.
  • Accurate Market Insight.
  • Nationwide Connections.

A hybrid freight broker business plan becomes an extension of the business. When a booming Georgia business can no longer contract local work because its products are now being shipped to Maine, a local hybrid broker can get the freight moving instantly and, while it’s en route, network to negotiate the next leg of the journey. This flexibility for last-minute freight moves is unmatched.

Know the Value of a Freight Broker Business Plan That Will Help Your Team Source Capacity With AMX Logistics 

The advantages of a hybrid broker are not limited simply to shippers. Even some traditional brokers seek out the assistance of hybrid brokers due to their network and resources. While a career in logistics may not be for everyone, those who partner with hybrid brokers can benefit from the hybrid freight broker business plan. However, not all hybrid brokerages are alike. To learn more from a company with over 35 years of experience in the industry paired with asset capacity, request a quote from AMX Logistics today.

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