7 Freight Podcasts for Drivers

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The US Census Bureau’s latest data found, “On average, truck drivers working full time, year-round, earn about $43,252 annually […and] exceed those of other blue-collar jobs. At least one in 10 truckers are veterans, double the rate of workers in general.” While the long drives may be pretty peaceful to veterans and civilians alike, the monotony of long-haul trucking often demands the need for audible entertainment. Instead of relistening to the well-worn “Greatest Hits” album, consider the following trucking podcasts

The Trucking Podcast

As an active driver with 25 years of trucking, Buck Ballard hosts The Trucking Podcast discussing everything within the logistics industry and the trucks that drivers ride in.. Ballard shares tips for drivers, load boards, and more  with monthly episodes airing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Store, and iHeartRadio. The podcast features guest speakers that include his son, who is also a truck driver. 

Healthy Conversations in Trucking

Launched in February 2022, Healthy Conversations in Trucking (HCIT)  is a recently launched  trucking podcast The HCIT podcast claims not only to be a source of entertainment on the road, but an educational platform for experienced long-haul drivers. With an open invitation to be a guest on their show, HCIT is available for daily conversation topics such as dry van freight rates and unique personal experiences in the trade. 

Supply Chain Now

If a freight driver wants to spend one shift on the road without needing to swipe from one trucking podcast to the next, Supply Chain Now is the one.. The show, self-defined as “The Voice of the Supply Chain,” will hit 1,000 episodes by the end of this summer, covering topics from expedited services to team effectiveness coaching and more. In addition to their vat of trucking content, the podcast team has a variety of spinoffs, including podcasts focused on content for veterans, Spanish speakers, and tech-savvy drivers. 

Coffee With the Freight Coach 

Drivers can tune in anywhere trucking business podcasts are streamed to Coffee With the Freight Coach to find new daily content. The Freight Coach Morning Show airs every morning at 10:30 AM CST addressing  current transportation management headlines, while Tuesday mornings get a double episode thanks to time with special guests from across the industry. Whether discussing geofencing truck yards or the unique logistics needed for produce and food, drivers can count on this trucker podcast for a wide variety of food for thought.

Talk CDL 

Start every Sunday morning with a new trucking podcast episode from Talk CDL,  a 40 minute program with driver-relevant content. Drivers can hear stories about  the mistakes of fellow drivers, current shifts in the trucking industry, and more by tuning in on Apple Podcasts, Stitch, and Google Play Store. Talk CDL has maintained a five-star rating on Facebook even while discussing trucking salaries before the latest emphasis on salary transparency. 

Trucker Dump

Trucker Dump stands out with some of the most prolonged trucker podcast available, with episodes surpassing two hours of air time. Drivers can find over 160 episodes on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. Tune in to the latest episode to learn more about the “new era” that tenured trucker host Todd McCann plans for the podcast.


With new episodes airing four times a week on varying topics, Freight Waves’ sponsored WHAT THE TRUCK, is a top trucking business podcast contender. Although the WHAT THE TRUCK streaming options are only on Spotify, Apple, and Audible, the trucking podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics for truck drivers. If hourly driver pay continues to reveal itself as a compatible option, surely WHAT THE TRUCK will cover it. 

Take the Information Gained From Trucking Podcasts and Apply it Effectively With an AMX Logistics Partnership. 

While the time spent listening to a trucking podcast can range from amusing to educational. Something like that. Podcasts on every platform have shared the importance of collaboration, especially in the face of a disrupted supply chain. AMX Logistics stands out as a collaborative logistics solution for shippers and drivers, providing the right team at the right time to do business better. To learn more about what this kind of partnership can do for your trucking business, contact AMX Logistics today.

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