7 Challenges of Long-Haul Trucking and How AMX Is Different

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If you stop to think about it, everything you own was probably hauled in a truck. From the apples in your kitchen, to the paint on your ceiling, a semi-truck delivered those products to the store that you shopped from. Truck drivers are vital for providing everyday needs. Dry van trucking services transport essential items, that make life sustainable for millions of people.  full truckload carriers are highly valuable to the supply chain. As freight rates rise do to diesel prices short linehauls may cost just as much as long haul shipping What Is Long-Haul Shipping?

When moving a full truckload, both shippers and carriers must understand how to optimize the use of dry van freight and reefer trucks. This is even more essential for long-haul shipments that will cross hundreds to thousands of miles in a single route. 

Long-Haul Vs. Short-Haul Trucking

The largest difference between long-haul and short-haul truckload shipping is the number of miles covered. Short-hauls are localized or regional shipments that cover final mile deliveries.  Typical short-haul drivers have the opportunity to return their trucks to the yard at the end of every shift enabling them to return to their own beds for the night. 

Long-haul full truckload carriers seldom get nights at home between shifts, covering at least  between 300-700 miles per day and sleep in their trucks.  A longhaul full truckload transported on a long-distance route is typically intended for one client, but can sometimes have stops along the route for different receivers. Sshort-haul trucks may make multiple stops per day to load and unload items from their trailer. 

The differences in responsibilities equate to different pay grades, with short-haul drivers often being classified as delivery drivers who make an average of $36,660 annually, according to 2021 US Bureau of Labor and Statistics data. This is nearly $12.5K lower than the median annual pay for long-haul drivers who make  $49,100, 

How Does the Transactions of Long and Short Hauls Work?

Whether its short-hauls or long-hauls, the responsibilities for the driver are the same. Drivers must arrive on time to make sure they are loaded. Depending on the load, drivers might have certain requirements like precooling their reefer, or making sure to wear a safety vest and hardhat when on site at the shipper. Reefer and flatbed drivers understand additional responsibilities to protect their contracted commodities through temperature control and appropriate strapping, respectively.  

Long-haul full truckload carriers often have front haul and back hual routes that often result in weeks on the road at a time. long-haul drivers must maintain excellent focus for driving across the country with varyingroad and weather conditions. their  and The Challenges of Long-Haul Trucking. 

While proper transportation management can be the key to the success of any challenges, there are a few unique aspects to routinely driving a full truckload across the state or country. Both shippers and carriers are impacted by challenges such as:

A Fragmented Market

The state of freight in Alabama and the southeastern US can seem like it belongs to the same few mega carrier companies. However, the full truckload market is predominantly run by owner-operators andsmall carriers Yet, this independent owner-operator model creates a largely fragmented market. Even more problematic is that with few streamlined processes, including limited optimization of moves, drivers realize poor efficiency and limited profitability.

Fuel Costs

The transportation and logistics industry has been struggling under national fuel costs that are above $5.50 per gallon on average, according to EIA data. The increased rates are compounding problemsl amidst the a talent shortage that is making full truckload spot rates and contract rates unpredictable. 

HOS Compliance Needs

While short-haul drives can be completed within a typical 8-5 schedule, assuming no delay in unloading/loading, long haul shipping is more complex. Regardless, both are subject to scrutinous checks under the government mandate of hours of service (HOS) regulations. However, those who are “providing direct assistance in support of emergency relief efforts related to COVID-19” are exempt from these HOS requirements, according to FreightWaves.

Sourcing Loads

In order to maximize the effectiveness of every gallon of gas, long-haul carriers must know how to get more loads to minimize deadhead miles. Truck drivers typically  find loadsfor full truckload shipping using a logistic freight broker, searching on a load board, or by working directly with shippers.  Some drivers  to contract themselves as dedicated freight shipping solutions to provide Truck and Equipment Maintenance

The more miles a driver puts on their truck, the more maintenance it will require. Long-haul driversmust  keep up with routine maintenance to preventmechanical breakdowns and accidents which can cause delays or worse. 

OTR Time

One of the biggest challenges of long-haul driving is the extended amount of time on the road. Unlike other career paths that require almost around-the-clock socialization, such as sporting, long-haul driving does not allow regular social opportunities to enjoy Happy Hour with friends or be at every little league game. Some companies have chosen to combat the downsides of this with hourly driver pay, or by allowing team drivers that provide a bit of community on the open road.

How AMX Overcomes the Challenges

As a leading hybrid broker in today’s market, AMX Logistics understands how to address the challenges of a long-haul full truckload carrier? 

  • AMX Logistics uses technology to make drivers’ lives easier to handle the needs and create a larger carrier pool to avoid market fragmentation. Using technology lets drivers focus on the road and spend less time worrying about responding to check calls or whether another load is going to be available. 
  • AMX Logistics optimizes routes in real-time to increase fuel efficiency. Using world-class technology allows AMX to optimize routes at the beginning of a tender as well as throughout the entire transit process to ensure the route is the best at every moment. 
  • AMX Logistics takes HOS compliance seriously and assists with ensuring drivers follow all existing regulations. AMX understands the need to follow all HOS regulations and has created a workflow that ensures all drivers stay in compliance by avoiding overbooking. 
  • AMX Logistics uses different systems and a broad network of shippers to keep drivers moving with plenty of loads. AMX’s diverse customer base ensures that shippers have enough capacity for their loads, and that their carriers will be covered.
  • AMX Logistics carries the responsibility of truck maintenance and its costs. Since AMX owns their own assets, the drivers never have to worry  about maintenance costs 
  • AMX Logistics works to ensure all goods are delivered in top-notch shape and according to any temperature or handling requirements. Prioritizing safety and using optimization tools allows AMX ito avoid damage or delays, such as speeding, failure to secure freight, and hasty loading. 
  • AMX also helps to provide diversity in route assignments to give drivers flexibility to accommodate changing personal schedules and needs. AMX Logistics accomodates the individual needs of its drivers. AMX provides route assignments that give drivers the flexibility to stay regionally to accomodate the lives of drivers.  Whether its short-haul or long-haul, AMX lets you decide.

Let AMX Logistics Handle Your Long-Haul Full Truckload Shipping Needs With Ease

As technology continues to change how professionals network and learn from each other, shipping professionals must know where to turn to when they need a lending hand. As an asset-based brokerage, AMX Logistics can provide both the 3PL-enriched plan to get your long-haul products on the move and the wheels to get it started. Request a quote today to learn how AMX Logistics can solve your long-distance full truckload shipping needs. Or, if AMX sounds like the perfect way for you to become a dedicated driver with a team who understands what it takes to do business in today’s economy, apply to be a driver today.


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