Best Practices in Logistics Outsourcing Transportation for Shippers

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Shippers today need dedicated transportation solutions to conduct business effectively and improve driver profitability. For example, shifting from a relatively soft market in previous years to one of tight capacity necessitates being part of a more comprehensive network. Shippers must take advantage of technology trends and expand beyond their network of carriers and brokers. This way, they can further expedite the supply chain process and, in turn, generate more business for themselves and their new partners. Here are a few best practices of logistics outsourcing that will benefit shippers and help them run their business much smoother and generate more new business through dedicated transportation solutions.

Share Data in Real-Time Between All Team Members

Shippers need real-time data on dedicated transportation solutions available to show to all team members and potential partners. Sharing this information allows for better communication between concerned parties and improved coordination and cooperation between team members. Shippers can use outsourced logistic services to provide actionable and up-to-date data for optimal productivity and supply chain visibility. Shippers are outsourcing to third-party logistics (3PL) companies to provide dedicated transportation solutions such as the monitoring of real-time weather conditions, route optimization, and more. Many other elements will further help expedite the shipping process and keep the supply chain flow running with little to no interruptions or hiccups. Optimized dedicated transportation solutions help end-to-end transportation management processes run smoothly and efficiently with minimal delays and disruptions.

Provide Complete Shipment Details to Drivers and Customers

Shippers must provide drivers and customers with the relevant details of every shipment, which is easier to achieve with effective logistics outsourcing. Drivers need to know the details of the cargo and any special instructions if required so that they can make the necessary arrangements before they go out on their route to deliver their shipment to their destination. Customers should be notified concerning order arrival and confident that they’re being handled with care. Long haul trucking and shipping providers can use dedicated transportation solutions and features like push notifications to provide continuous status updates to the customer so that they always know where their items are.

Avoid Ambiguity in Scheduling and Prepare for Rerouting

Outsourcing third-party logistics, or 3PL for short, allows shippers to view dedicated transportation solutions and data in real-time. A great benefit is that it enables shippers to schedule and reroute shipments appropriately based on the logistics. Optimizing the use of 3PLs can provide all this information and allow shippers to notify concerned parties of adjustments and changes properly. Optimized dedicated transportation solutions benefit all involved parties, such as the drivers, carriers, and customers of changes made in the route, delivery specifications, and delivery ETA. Shippers must seriously consider and implement logistics outsourcing to keep everyone in the know and enable effective coordination and communication amongst the drivers and shippers.

Consider Needs of Drivers to Ensure Optimal Work Environment

Drivers are integral to the supply chain environment as they are responsible for picking up and delivering goods from shippers to customers. Drivers should receive the dignity and respect they deserve for the hard work that they do daily. Companies need to take care of drivers by providing them with good working conditions, fair hours, above standard hourly pay, benefits such as medical and dental, and paid time off. Dedicated transportation solutions also focus on taking care of drivers and keeping them happy so they will continue to provide optimal services to customers and show continued interest in working with shipping companies, logistics providers, and transporters. Outsourcing third-party logistics can help shipping companies and managers focus on the most integral cog in the supply chain machine- the drivers.

Set Realistic Pickup, Transport, and Delivery Expectations

Outsourced logistics services are dedicated to keeping the supply chain flowing and ensuring that orders get filled and deliveries made according to shipping considerations. It’s essential to keep shipping companies, drivers, and customers informed of any developments during a delivery. This way, there will be transparency between all concerned parties, and everyone will know what to expect and what is and is not feasible for every shipment. Shippers can leverage logistics brokers to provide the necessary information to properly plan out transportation and delivery times and make changes on the fly by outsourcing third-party logistics and keeping the supply chain moving forward.

Integrate Your Technology, Tools, Apps, and Software

There is no excuse for today’s shippers and trucking service providers not to use modern innovations in any way possible. Technology, intelligent tools, automation, and other digital platforms will help streamline shipping processes. In today’s digital world, those who do not adapt to tech-rich environments and modern digital solutions will be left in the dust by the competition, especially in competitive markets such as supply chains. Technology makes life easier for shipping companies to do their job more effectively. As mentioned above, dedicated transportation solutions, improved by modern technology, allow shippers to make fast and economic decisions based on the real-time information they receive from a 3PL or any other logistics company. Implementing logistics outsourcing will enable freight shipping companies to plan and tweak delivery routes accordingly to deliver the merchandise on time.

Find Logistics Outsourcing That Works With Help From AMX Logistics

Shippers are under increasing pressure to keep up with the shipping needs and demands of the industry and to attract and retain more drivers. The most successful and in-demand shipping service providers today are those that use state-of-the-art technology to provide shippers, drivers, and customers with real-time information so that all parties receive notifications of the status of a particular shipment. Finding a company that advocates for truck drivers and ensures they get the proper treatment and compensation for their service to the supply chain industry comes down to finding outsourcing third-party logistics partners that understand diverse news and goals. This is precisely what AMX Logistics has to offer. Contact AMX today to learn more about how they can improve the delivery process and how to get started with dedicated transportation solutions.

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